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3 Universal Fears and 6 Core Needs

Supplied by Jacqui Whiteford from Mindset Solutions Who would have thought we are all driven by the same 3 universal fears and 6 core needs? I mean we are all individuals and are all so unique. So unique that no one will even have the same fingerprint as you…so how can we all have the [...]

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Know Your Client = Increased Profits (Part 1)

PART 1. How to Identify Your Customers Behavioural Styles so to be able to service their needs better and increase profits. There are 4 main behaviour styles that your client will fit into depending on their most dominating characteristics based on the Extended DISC Profiling Tool They are usually one of four Dominant, Influencer, Stabiliser [...]

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Know Your Client = Increased Profits (Part 2)

PART 2. Now you know how to Identify Your Customers different Behaviour styles lets learn how to deal effectively with them to give them the experience they are after. If a Dominating customer walks into your store them let them speak and listen to them. You then can give immediate feedback and you can be [...]

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