Know Your Client = Increased Profits (Part 1)

Know Your Client = Increased Profits (Part 1)

PART 1. How to Identify Your Customers Behavioural Styles so to be able to service their needs better and increase profits.
There are 4 main behaviour styles that your client will fit into depending on their most dominating characteristics based on the Extended DISC Profiling Tool

They are usually one of four Dominant, Influencer, Stabiliser or Compliant.

The Dominating customer will come into your business and will state their own opinion of facts while focusing on the big picture. They can be very direct and will state what they think, perhaps get bored easily or even blunt, demanding. They will want to know straight up what’s the bottom line wether that’s time price can do it etc. These particular client like the facts straight up and keep it to the big picture as will not stay engaged with long stories. Deliver details with a how it will benefit them as they are very self-focused and are of character to make a quick decision right there and then and walk out of store with product or sign up to your services.

An Influencer customer can be identified as can be quite animated when they talk and they will talk a lot. They may even get distracted and will get caught up in story. They are not necessary into the facts or the focus on the details. They are more about how the product or service will make them feel and who else has it. If it feels right then they will be, give these clients the experience they are after as that is what they are buying.

A more of a Stabiliser customer is very easy going, appears calm and very attentive when listening as will listen carefully with nod and goes along with what you say. They will need to think about think about things as they are more of a period of time convincer and need to go through this process to be able to make a decisions. They tend to like their own space and usually don’t get excited and will ask questions and enquire about the specifics.

A more of a Compliant customer will have done their research very carefully and will criticise on the facts and not opinions. They appear reserved and generally proceed with caution and will be quite although will ask many questions that will focus on the details. They tend to shop around as are about facts and not feelings.

To understand further of how to get to know your clients and be more effective with them so to give the client experience they are after please call Jacqui on 0418 419 722.




To understand further of how to get to know your clients more then please call Jacqui on 0418 419 722.

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