Know Your Client = Increased Profits (Part 2)

Know Your Client = Increased Profits (Part 2)

PART 2. Now you know how to Identify Your Customers different Behaviour styles lets learn how to deal effectively with them to give them the experience they are after.

If a Dominating customer walks into your store them let them speak and listen to them. You then can give immediate feedback and you can be direct and quick with them as they can handle a more fast past conversation. Do concentrate on the subject and don’t wonder off with unnecessary conversation or stories. Just stick to the fact and provide direct answers to them. If product isn’t the most suitable you can offer alternatives as they can deal with change well. The ultimate with a client like this is that they have to win – that’s what they are all about.

The client to be expressive to is an Influencer as they love enthusiasm. They like the big picture so will get bored with lots of details so focus more on the big picture. Take your time to chat and talk to them and allow them to express themselves back. Influencers like the people aspect so by focusing on this will assist in building the relationship.

When a client that has more of the Stabiliser characteristics walks in then by asking specific questions will assist. When discussing the service or product then its best to proceed in logical order and always be fair and just. If you provide precedents this will reduce uncertainty and these clients like certainty and the more they feel this the more chance of them becoming a client or purchasing from you. They like to feel safe and that they can trust you as trust is a big one with customers that have high Stabiliser traits.

When a more Compliant client walks in they are after someone that is very through and will listen carefully, in fact I’d suggest slowing down your conversation or presentation so they can digest the information. A key is to understanding what the key issues are and focusing on them and be very through and include all information. When you are asked a question answer them very calmly, carefully and if available then I’d suggest to utilise any supporting material.

To understand further of how to get to know your clients and be more effective with them so to give the client experience they are after please call Jacqui on 0418 419 722.


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