What Are Your Values and Are They Sabotaging Your Success?

What Are Your Values and Are They Sabotaging Your Success?


Do you have a set of standards in your life or business that you work to?
If not, how do you achieve the results you want to achieve?
If yes then rock on and make sure you review these regularly as you and your business grows.
What is a set of standards, a set of values and why they are important?


Firstly ask yourself have you ever said something, did something or acted in a way that left you feeling uncomfortable? Uncomfortable in a way that is not congruent or in line with who you are? That gut feeling you get when you know what you said, did or how you behaved is not like you and is not a true reflection of you or your business!

I have been there and done that and will never go back. Now I assist others to start living their life on their terms and they are loving the results. It’s time to understand the traps, the symptoms, the signs and the causes so you can stop the rot and start living a happier healthier life both personally and professionally.

“I truly believe that my life has turned 180 degrees since I started with Jacqui” Ashley Business Owner.

How do clients change and turn their lives and businesses around?

They identified what they truly wanted. They started to set goals and implemented steps to achieve these goals. They were clear on who they wanted to be which gave them the confidence to move forward.

“For the first time in a long time I have a certain freedom in working and managing my business. This has been a big change for me and Jacqui has essentially helped me realise this. This has enabled me to find a ‘second wind’” Joel Business Owner

Understanding yourself is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

This month’s free download is a values and beliefs exercise. What are your values and beliefs and where do they come from? This download will help you find out!

If you want to give yourself, your team or your business this gift and start to achieve real success then call me today on 0418 419 722

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