3 Universal Fears and 6 Core Needs

3 Universal Fears and 6 Core Needs

Supplied by Jacqui Whiteford from Mindset Solutions

Who would have thought we are all driven by the same 3 universal fears and 6 core needs?

I mean we are all individuals and are all so unique. So unique that no one will even have the same fingerprint as you…so how can we all have the same fears and needs?

Anthony Robbins (a leader in the field of motivation) believes we are all driven by our fears and the need to fulfil our human core needs.

The 3 Universal Fears are not belonging, being found out and not being loved…

The 6 core needs are the needs of Significance, Certainty, Love / Connection, Uncertainty, Growth and Contribution…

What happens when we fill these needs in a resourceful way?

Some of the feeling that may be experienced are feelings of overwhelm, disconnection, unhappiness, depression, anxiety, boredom and feelings of frustration.

On the positive side if we are fulfilling our core needs in a resourceful way then the feelings will be of the opposite nature. Some of these feelings are contentment, self-drive or a feeling of fulfilment.

It is said that these core needs dictate our every action. All our thoughts, our feelings and our actions are based around our invisible instinctive nature which is to meet these needs.

To understand these gives you a massive insight into the How, What and Why we do things. This can assist in understanding the relationships we have chosen, the careers we have chosen, the hobbies we have chosen and the reason why we are successful at them…or not.

To understand your individual needs can give you an elevation above others. It can assist you in all areas of your life, from a most little of day to day items to the biggest decisions you may need to make. To understand what drives you and the people around you is gold and the effect you can have on others is like a ripple effect…who wouldn’t want that!

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