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How To Run a Successful Workshop…..

Planning a successful event is not just getting a group of people together.
Without a plan and understanding the purpose, it can quickly get out of control.

Improve your time management and increase productivity with simple and proven tips on getting the most out of your events or workshops. Something for everyone!

“The content helped me realise my behavioral obstacles I was putting in the way in my life generally. I love learning about people and what makes them do the things they do – fascinating!” Genevieve, 18th August 2014.

TESTIMONIAL from a small business function about understanding how you behave and how to be the most effective business person you can be. How to understand and communicate effectively to your clients to increase your client base and turnover which means more sales and profits.

Self-Awareness and Self-Management Workshop covers topics like the following:-
Emotional and Social Intelligence
Time and/or Priority Work Load Management
Assertiveness Building Self Confidence
Personal Agility: The Ability to Respond to Changing conditions

Other trainings available are as follows:-
Relationship Management – How to Build a lasting Relationship
Creating the Right Mindset for Your Success
Bust the Bad Habits and Create New Rewarding Ones
Learn How to Communicate to Win More Business

If you would like to discuss Individual Packages, Small Business Packages, Corporate package including Innovative Leadership & Ultimate Sale Strategy packages please contact Jacqui Whiteford on 0418 419 722 or email