7 gifts for spring cleaning your body, mind & soul

7 gifts for spring cleaning your body, mind & soul

Gift 1: The Power of Vital Breathing

  • Take 10 power breaths 3 times a day in the ratio 1:4:2 (i.e. inhale for 4 seconds, hold for 16 seconds, exhale for 8 seconds, start small and build this up 8:32:16, check with your Doctor).

Gift 2: The Power of water and good nourishment

  • Drink your water each day
  • Eat live food, minimum of 70% per day. (i.e. live food as fruit, salads and vegetables)

Gift 3: The power of Exercise

  • Get your 30 mins of exercise 3 times a week
  • You should be able to hold a conversation
  • Get a training program and allocate time for this

Gift 4: Get your goals or purpose clear

  • Allocate enough time to exercise
  • Ask is this necessary, is it assisting me reach my goal today tomorrow, 12 months’ time
  • Set clear structure around your social media or whatever distracts you from your goals

Gift 5: The Power of your Mind and Emotions

  • Let go of the stories that are no longer serving you
  • Get to understand the triggers around your mind state and emotions
  • Write down the triggers to get to understand your strategy that you are playing
  • Identify strategy and change it, scratch the old record and put a new one on

Gift 6: The Power of stillness

  • Take time to be still, and I mean be still body mind & soul
  • Breathe, do your 10 breathing steps 3 times a day
  • If you have a voice or 2 in your head, acknowledge them and move on (the voice can be like a child that if not address straight away will only get louder)

Gift 7: Set yourself up for success and then Celebrate!!!

  • Make your goal clear, with some small and some larger goals that will stretch you
  • Set regular check ins on the way,
  • Remember don’t go out and be unrealistic and set yourself up to fail – we want success so set yourself up for it 9ie I will go to the gym every day, start with I will go to the gym 2 -3 times this week and then in 4 weeks I will add another visit or a walk with a friend or bike ride with the family)
  • Regularly check in and make sure you are still on the right path to achieve your goals
  • As you hit your goals celebrate, something special to a bath, a new book to read, put music on and dance with your dog, kids or yourself.
  • Remember celebrating does not have to be expensive you need to get into the habit of recognising your achievements and acknowledge your success (these can even be learnings from things that did not “go to plan”)
  • Now do what you want to do and CELEBRATE
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