What Are You Really Hearing?

What Are You Really Hearing?

Sitting around having a coffee with a friend we were chatting with my eight year old about ANZAC day. All sorts of interesting things were coming up around this and I was feeling proud that she was really serious.
After a while we got onto other things and a few things my friend said raised my concerns around what we say to ourselves and what we hear about ourselves.

Then my Miss eight said that she hated grammar and we discussed school etc. for a few minutes until my miss 3 finally spoke “Mummy why does my sister hate Grandma”. It took a few seconds and realised that she had mistaken grammar for grandma.

Wow ok after we have a very interesting explanation about the differences of grandma and grammar and that we loved grandma we were ok.

Now I was thinking what do we choose to hear when we are listening to others? This is not just when we are sitting having a coffee with a friend. This is in all areas of our lives both personal and professional.

What do we hear in our business and what do we chose to delete generalise or distort in the everyday conversation we have.

It is time to understand the thinking behind our behavioural and understand what beliefs we have that make us delete generalise and distort the information that is given to us.

IS this a common thing we do and if so how do we change this?

We change this by understanding who we are. We change this by understanding what made us the way we are? We understand this by getting a strategic insight to tour thoughts beliefs and the values we hold dear to us. It is these thoughts beliefs and values that are steering the bus we are driving. Is your business bus you are in going in the right direction? Or have you diverted off the track and are not sure where you are going? Or how to get back on track so that you are living the life and running the business you really want as appose to really running away.

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