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Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling Tool

Have you ever wonder how some days you come home flat from work and others you are all energises? How you came to make a certain decision? Why you reacted in a certain way? What motivates you?

In other words the What Why and How behind what makes you tick. By understanding your natural energy state you can stop procrastination, be a better time manager and produce better results in your personal and business life.

The Extended DISC Behavioural Profiling tool assist you to understand your What Why so you can operate at your best capacity in all areas of your life.

The report is customised to provide the most relevant, user friendly and motivating information via the 24 page report.

The assessments can be tailored to individual roles. For examples individuals, business owners either small or large, Teams, Team Leaders, General Managers, Executives, CFO’s, CEO’s as assessments can also be created for individuals, pairs, teams, divisions and organisations.

Please contact Jacqui Whiteford on 0418 419 722 to discuss the full benefits.